Environmetal ClubOur school has had an environment club that has been active for almost 12 years now and we have organised some fun- filled activities for you this year… we hope that you will take part in these activities and show how much you REALLY care about our environment today…

So let’s use our technology to pursue a goal that is a worldwide ‘need’ – OUR ENVIRONMENT! Our theme for this year ‘Save Water Campaign’ appeals to each one of you, for, on a serious note, together we need to realize the significance of our goal. This webpage would require you to get more involved not just in its activities but also spread this important message to your peers, family and the world. We need to remember, ‘DROP BY DROP AN OCEAN FORMS!’ so let each drop be priceless!

We invite all of you to share any articles, jokes or pictures that concern our environment and particularly the ‘Save Water Campaign’ on our webpage.

If you have any contributions please feel free to contact:

  • Astrid Fernandes
  • Chantelle Rebello
  • Tina Varghese (all from SR4-A)


  • Keane Fernandes
  • Clyde Aguiar (all from SR4-B)