Chemistry is key to our understanding of the natural and physical world and to the enhancement of our quality of life and the environment.

Chemistry is the science describing matter and its transformations. The science defines molecules, nanostructures, and extended solids, and their properties, reactions and applications. This empowering science is central to virtually all areas of modern science and technology, especially the new, exciting inter- and multi-disciplinary areas of molecular genetics, molecular biology, nanotechnology, medicinal chemistry, drug design and development, and green (environmentally sustainable) chemistry/industry.

Chemists are very much involved in tackling the problems faced by our modern society. On a given day, a chemist may be studying the mechanism for the recombination of DNA, measuring the amount of insecticide in drinking water, developing a biodegradable plastic, comparing the protein content of meats,better pollution controls, developing a new antibiotic, or analyzing a moon rock. The professional preparation for work on important projects such as these begins with the study of chemistry in school.

At St. Mary’s, the Chemistry department aims to stimulate and sustain students’ interest in and enjoyment of Chemistry. The students are also made to recognize the value of Chemistry to society and they are taught to use their knowledge responsibly. Since Chemistry is an experimental science, we believe in a rich diet of experimental and demonstration work designed to stimulate curiosity and interest in students.

The study of Chemistry also means that students gain valuable analytical, communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Chemistry opens up a world of possibilities, expands your choices and is a vital element in your future. It is a great choice if you want to keep your options open.