Mathematics, the science of space, shapes and numbers is an essential tool in various disciplines of study. Mathematical devices form the basis of computer technology on which we are heavily dependent. Mathematics, therefore, is the key to success, as it opens a floodgate of prospects, in today’s rapidly growing environment.

At St. Mary’s, Mathematics as a subject is structured to enable students at Junior and Senior levels to develop core competencies in mathematical calculations. The course content challenges the student to analyze, diagnose and execute strategic judgements across all mathematical functions. The work culture at St. Mary’s is rigorous. However, close interaction between teachers and students, promote enthusiasm and confidence. Likewise, continuous internal assessments, carefully planned tests and assignments ensure good performance at all levels and excellent results in the London Board Examinations. St. Mary’s graduates are nationally and internationally recognized. They are able to pursue higher education in various reputed universities.

The Department of Mathematics at St. Mary’s has a dynamic faculty of highly qualified staff with extensive experience and strong research interests in traditional and emerging areas of mathematics. The collaborative effort of dedicated staff members, sustains the stimulating learning environment, and assures quality academic experience.