The Physics Department at St. Mary’s Catholic High School enkindles the innate human curiosity to understand the world around us. Isaac Newton said, “I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me”. Like Isaac Newton, if you wish to discover the basis of physics and know the science of “why things work”, you are on the road to becoming a physicist.

Physics forms the basis of most present and future technology. Physics deals with such things as mechanics, waves, electricity, cosmology and nuclear physics. The laboratory in Physics can be an exciting part of the course. Our well-equipped Physics laboratory provides ample scope for students to work individually for investigations. Physics practical lessons help students to understand and apply the physical laws and logic to real cases. This helps them to think clearly, equipping them with skills to use scientific instruments and techniques.

Apart from its importance and flexibility, Physics is fascinating and can be fun. Physics provides an in-depth understanding of how the physical world works, can be intellectually stimulating, and is a springboard for a rich diversity of career paths. A remarkable variety of doors are open to Physics majors as the skills and experience a student gains will be transferable to many other possible careers including- Engineering, Medicine, patent law, Education, Biophysics, Management and Journalism. An increasing number of students opt for the subject. The importance of physics to society today is most easily represented by our reliance on technology. Many of the technologies that that are continually transforming the world we live in can be directly traced back to important physics research.

The Physics Department comprise of seven teachers: Mr. Asir Joseph Paul, Mrs Susanna Verghese, Mrs Esmine Robinson, Mrs Shiby Thomas, Mrs Anitha Praveen, Mrs Joan Rose Anoop and Mrs Merlin Mexa. The teachers work in coordination to motivate students to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the concepts of Physics, as well as, challenge them to apply the skills. The fact that many of our students are selected by top ranking universities in the world is a true reflection of the skills and knowledge a student gains from the subject.