“Art and science create a balance to material life and enlarge the world of living experience. Art leads to a more profound concept of life because art itself is a profound expression of feeling.” – (Hans Hofmann, 1967)

Art has meant different things to different people at different times in history. Numerous art students have defined it as self-expression, spiritual enhancement, a way of recording our present time, a means of education by illustration and an object of sheer beauty. The mission of the Art Department at St. Mary’s is to provide a stimulating and challenging environment in which students develop creative and scholarly potential and are encouraged to promote, through their work, intercultural understanding.

Our intentions and goals are:

  • To provide opportunities, though with limited facilities, in a supportive environment with an active faculty which
    focuses on students as individuals.
  • To encourage experimentation, crossing boundaries, as well as engaging the history and traditions of art.
  • To consider the role of art and the artist in society.
  • To offer an expansive and inclusive approach toward educating aspiring artists, embracing new and established technologies.
  • To encourage with local and international communities through participation in events and courses.
  • To take advantage of residing in a city and region with varied cultural and recreational opportunities.