To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart”.-Sir Thomas Watson

The Business Studies course provides students with the opportunity to apply their business knowledge to the real business environment. Students are encouraged to investigate and research real businesses in order to incorporate them into the assignments. An emphasis is placed on ensuring students are kept up to date with business developments within the news. This provides plenty of opportunities for gifted students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject

The course introduces students to all the functional and quantitative areas of business studies. Our curriculum is grounded in accounting, finance, marketing, and operations. The course incorporates case analyses, group projects, PowerPoint presentations and creative problem solving.

Our students learn to think critically, analytically, and empirically about the economy, its challenges, and its connections to the rest of society.

Differentiated lessons that challenge the way students think enable gifted students to be provided with the support and guidance to extend their learning within lessons

Focus is placed on providing students with constructive and formative feedback both within lessons and through the completion of homework and independent tasks.

Reading broadsheet newspapers such as the Times and listening to the news is a key way to enable students to observe the impact of businesses within a global business environment. Staying up to date with current economic and business issues provides students with an excellent opportunity to extend both their business terminology and understanding of the subject.

Watching television programmes such as Alan Sugars: The Apprentice and Dragons Den that encourage students to apply their business knowledge and experience in an enterprising way are also recommended in developing students understanding and interest of the subject.

Parents can also encourage the use of the internet as an effective tool to allow students to develop their understanding of the subject. Websites such as provide students with a range of knowledge and case studies, ensuring they are kept up to date with topical issues and provides a range of activities students can work through to develop their understanding of the subject.

The business faculty endeavour to prepare the students for a successful and ambitious career in the fiercely competitive globalised business world.

Useful Websites


Business Studies Online


With further qualifications and training you could also consider moving into the following areas:

  • management consultancy
  • trading
  • teaching, particularly with head-teacher roles
  • advertising
  • investment banking
  • retail buying
  • distribution and logistics management
  • insurance underwriting
  • marketing executive
  • consumer products
  • market research executive
  • personnel officer
  • public relations officer
  • retail management
  • sales

If none of these tickle your fancy, consider the following, who all studied either business or economics:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Andrew Strauss
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Danny Glover
  • Ed Miliband
  • Russell Howard
  • Lionel Ritchie
  • wrestling promoter Vince McMahon
  • Kevin Costner