The Counselling and Special Education Department provides a caring and respectful environment for students that need professional assistance and experience difficulties in any aspect of life. The main purpose of the department is to assist the students in decision making in such a way as to promote the gradual development of their ability to make choices independently without being unduly influenced by others, integrating their knowledge of themselves, their strength and weaknesses, talent and potentials and the role of other people and the environment where they interact.

Counselling Services:

Individual Counselling: The programme was designed to assist students to utilize their own resources for growth in self-understanding, planning, decision-making and coping with their personal issues and handling academic challenges.

Career Guidance: The programme functions as a guide to students in planning academic for grades 8-12,exploring career interest and opportunities and guiding through the university admissions and selection process.

Training: This service provides workshop, lectures or presentations for the improvement of the students’ academic, emotional, personal and social life.

Psychological Assessment: This service provides standardized assessment materials to help the students in understanding themselves and to maximize their best potentials.

Special Education: The special education programme provides intensive one-to-one tutoring for children struggling with learning difficulties,through multi-sensory teaching techniques in the areas of reading, writing, spelling and maths.

The main aim of special education is that every child with special needs reaches their full potential in school.