Geography is the stage upon which History is acted“, many historian affirm.

The geography subject dealt with at St. Mary’s Catholic High School helps us to appreciate world around us. It helps us develop a concern for the environment Students learn about protecting wildlife and scenery.

“The subject geography taught in Sr.2 helps them be aware of problems that a lack of development causes. It creates an urge to help people who are less well off than themselves. It will help them develop an interest in learning about volcanoes, earthquakes and know how to prepare for and cope with natural hazards.

In Sr.1 they study about the various industries and the kind of work that people do; the need to protect and appreciate our natural surroundings and knowledge of how people are spread unevenly over the world. They learn about the world’s biggest cities and how the nature of population and its growth affects a country’s progress.

In grade 5 and 6, they learn about different countries and capitals, ,the various factors of climate that affect them, particularly the weather in Britain. Map reading skills, project work, quiz activities done during class sessions motivate the students to self learning and beyond.

The social studies of U.A.E makes them aware of their surroundings, arouses curiosity to gain knowledge and awareness of their neighbourhood.